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If you’ve had a new website built, but nobody is visiting and you’re wondering why. We can help…

The problem facing everyone who wants their website to be found is that most people using search engines tend to find what they’re looking for on the first page of results and almost nobody makes the long journey to page three or four anymore.

Ads make up a large portion of many search engine results pages, but you have to pay every time someone clicks on these Ads to get to your website. Whereas Organic traffic, achieved through Search Engine Optimisation, is any traffic that you don’t have to pay for.

The key to your website being found, without paying for every visitor, is the correct use of SEO, so that your website is listed on page 1 or 2, for anyone searching for the products or services you offer.

Achieving this is a complex process involving several factors, but our SEO team understand and specialise in these areas and our account managers are proficient in translating what it all means into English, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

For the best results on new websites, we start with a combination of AdWords, SEO and Social Media Marketing, then as the natural rankings improve, we filter out the Adwords.

This method produces fast results after launch, but ensures our clients achieve maximum profit from their website in the medium to long term.

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